Welcome to GreenFuneralsColorado.Com


Welcome to Green Funerals. Our mission is to create a win/win for:

1. The Earth. Our Mother needs us! Give back and nourish a tree with your body or the body of a Loved One. The Earth does not belong to us – It belongs to our children.

2. The Family. Considering the growing cost of traditional funerals and the environmental cost and damage cremations incur, a low-cost green funeral makes economic and environmental sense – the family of the deceased will keep more money in their pocket and help maintain our climate and our environment.

3. The Community. Urban areas are for the living. Rural areas are for sharing our planet with trees, nature and wildlife. Let us be good stewards of the planet and bring back the balance.

We contract with private landowners to provide a private burial plot for your loved one, where a tree and commemorative plaque will symbolize the legacy of their passing and their journey of embracing the Earth Mother. The body vehicle is left behind as the spirit continues its journey:

“A human being is a question, destined to eventually return to its source, as an answer!”

(Teachings of the Masters of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love)